grand st cafe – Sunday Brunch… two words: freaking amazing!


November 11, 2012 by @tashinacross

the order
daughter – eggs benedict w/crab cakes:  i’m a HUGE fan of crab cakes but not a fan of eggs benedict.. but this combo was delicious.  the crab cakes were perfect! soft and adequately flavorful.  i could not be more pleased.  the hollandaise sauce was not overwhelming in portion or flavor.  i loved this!  my egg was cooked perfectly.  soft yoke poured onto my english muffin just as it should.  this was served with a take on country potatoes.  not my favorite as i added ketchup… but my dad loved them.  he cleaned his plate.  🙂

dad – eggs benedict traditional: he always orders eggs benedict.  this time, the eggs were a little overdone.  the yokes were overcooked and didn’t pour out.

the scientist – belgian waffles:  served with warm maple syrup and whipped butter.  so tasty.  he said the butter tasted really good.  he loved it so much that he almost ate both waffles completely… and it wasn’t a small portion.

my teenage daughter – pancakes: fluffy and delicious…

the coffee can’t go unmentioned. excellent coffee! from our local Parisi coffee.  YUM!

brunch buffet included… so delicious!  this brunch left us speechless.  there was humus and soft grilled pita triangles.  caesar salad that was covered in caesar dressing and yummy seasoned large croutons. there were a collage of pastries available at the brunch buffet.  peach danishes, cinnamon sugar muffins, blueberry muffins, lemon bars, bread pudding, raspberry drizzle to pour over your pastries to your liking.  bagels and two flavors of cream cheese.  tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette.   there was shrimp and cocktail sauce along with green beans and olives.

we didn’t think any restaurant could top our favorite brunch spot: Figlio’s but… this one… is definitely top notch!  at $15.95 per person…. this is a steal!  my favorite restaurant has done it again.  amazing!


One thought on “grand st cafe – Sunday Brunch… two words: freaking amazing!

  1. Heather says:

    Yummy! Eric loves brunch so we will have to try Grand Street sooner rather then later. Thanks!

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