avenues bistro – Sunday Brunch. the daughter, the dad, and the scientist-to-be

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October 8, 2012 by @tashinacross

I’d eaten here a while back… for the first time.  I was there with my family.  We missed brunch… It looked delicious!  There was a wide variety of brunch items out.  It had a wonderful atmosphere.  Slightly dim, buffet-style in the center but classy setup with shrimp, pasta, pastries.  It was quite impressive.  I could not WAIT to try this place again!

So, when I started doing these reviews, it was no surprise to my son that this restaurant was second on my list of brunches to try… Yum!

We ordered: Sunday Brunch & Coffee.  Well, my son had OJ.
Not impressed is what I have to say about this.  The setup looked as wonderful as it had in the past… but the server we had… although sweet & cute, didn’t have coffee for us until we were finished with our breakfast.  That’s just unacceptable in my book.  The buffet food just wasn’t good.  We tried everything.  The baby quiche, the eggs with cheese and veggies, the biscuits and gravy, the pasta, etc.  Honestly, there was not a single thing that I thought was tasty enough to finish.  I’m not that picky… but it just didn’t taste good.  The eggs were runny.  The gravy was flavor-less and thin.  I really thought this place would be one of my top fave brunch spots… but I was absolutely disappointed.  The coffee, on the other hand, was delicious!

We thought, well, maybe the entree would be the best part.  So we waited for that.

I ordered (the daughter) an omelet w/green pepper, onions, and cheddar (my typical western omelet, less the ham.)

[the peppers turned out to be red… no problem, I’m a fan of either.  the omelet looked okay. I mean, it wasn’t spectacular.  The cheese was on top.  It was served with country potatoes that were average.]

the dad: eggs benedict

[he said this might possibly be the worst eggs benedict that he’s ever had.  hollandaise wasn’t right.]

the scientist-to-be: pancakes

[my 14 yr old son, who to be quite honest eats nearly everything not tied down… didn’t finish even one pancake.  how bad could pancakes be?  they can’t be.  i’m sure these were fine but it was weird that he didn’t eat.  he said that he enjoyed some of the buffet items better than the entree, such as likely the pastries… that he devoured.]

we did go back to the buffet for pastries following breakfast.  they were really very good!
overall, i was extremely disappointed that this wasn’t a fave for me!  i loved this restaurant’s lunch service but i guess it’s not easy pulling off a fresh, quality brunch menu.


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