urban table… the daughter

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October 3, 2012 by @tashinacross

cute, open, friendly.  and the food was excellent.

in fact, there wasn’t a single thing that i didn’t like about this place… except.  shoot, no honey mustard with my sweet potato fries?  that’s a must-have in my book.

i ordered:

bruschetta: mozz & tomato and prosciutto & fig jam.  i like The Drop’s take on the multiple bruschetta combo much better but i wasn’t disappointed by the flavor.  they were great!  they were gone fast.

smoked steak dip. loved it.  the savory steak.  the melted perfection of cheese.  the fresh greens.  the au jus was a little less than flavorful but the fresh amazing sandwich kept me interested.
overall, i think this may be my new favorite place.  i love the small plate options.  i love the open setup.  the bar is inviting.  this would be a great girls night adventure spot.  and it caters well to a family environment too.  my teenage son loved the reuse of the books for passing us the checks.  nice, classy, and modern.

loved it!


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